Nathalie Blanc

Beyond the brand and trends hides a woman of taste and talent, insatiable, demanding and inspired.

However, Nathalie Blanc has before all, the sense of the beautiful frame, delicate and refined which combines the perfect harmony between the eye, the style and the material.

As a teenager, the idea of shaking the uptight world of optical industry became an obsession. Don’t ever hide behind the glasses of others. To the point that she swore to create her own universe, to reinvent a style where the frames will be a change of everyday life, to be an object of passion, a partner of femininity, the ultra-chic fashion accessory, irreplaceable friend, alter ego.

Her avant-garde collection corresponds to an ideal of eyeglasses : exclusives models, subtle and colorful, that ‘enhance’ the look through a classic vintage or highly contemporary style.


The Nathalie Blanc Paris eyewear are from the incredible French know-how: all made in France in Oyonnax and in Normandy. With noble materials such as cellulose acetate
for our plastic models and nickel silver for our metal frames.
The quality is also found in the Carl Zeiss glasses equipped with anti-reflection, which allow a high protection of the retina.

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