Chris Craft

Chris-Craft is a truly American story. Born in 1874, it came of age at a time that defined the notion of American ingenuity. While Henry Ford was creating the first motorcars, his watercraft counterpart, Chris Smith, was developing the very first engine-propelled boats and skiffs. Today, Chris-Craft maintains its status of number 1 American luxury boat.
Throughout its rich history, a reputation for quality and style have made it the favorite of presidents, celebrities and icons of American affluence – names like Roosevelt, Kennedy, Vanderbilt, Morgan, Ford, Sinatra, and Hepburn.
The Eyewear Collection from Chris-Craft is the finishing touch to the look of whose elegance is refined, contemporary, never flaunted. The mood of the collection mirrors the very same concepts of luxury and style embodied in the main collection: Authenticity, Excellence in quality, Exclusivity, Desirability and Attention to detail.
Timeless beauty – Distinctive style
Revered past designs – Technology
Performance – Modern designs
Materials of high quality
Active, Urban, Mobile, Influencer, Passionate, Sport and Family values
Mostly men-oriented collection
All given names of the models are named after Chris-Craft’s iconic boats.
Attention to details: laminated colors, integrated metal end tips, Chris-Craft stainless steel plate, metal engraving, chrome galvanic bi-coloration, single-block hinge
Made in France

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