Lulu Castagnette

A collection with “a little cuddly thing”.


Inspired by ready-to-wear lines, the eyewear collection uses an original mix of colours and material combinations for easily identifiable products. We can find bold designs on delicate frames or detailed temples to contrast the wisest faces.

Take a teddy bear, “a little cuddly thing”, and make it your emblem. Then, find a couple that’s willing to launch the brand – Carole and Charles Lahmi – neighbors (for a time) of singer Serge Gainsbourg, and the name of the brand comes easy, Lulu, after Serge’s son. Add “Castagnette” after a dream trip to Spain and all that’s left to do is advertise. Soon young ladies will adore this ready-to-wear brand that can’t be ignored! Adults who are still young at heart – “adulescents” – also adore Lulu.

Every season, Lulu Castagnette’s stylists skillfully mix colours and materials to offer their faithful followers products that are at the cutting edge of fashion. An assertive personality characterizes Lulu’s style while tenderness and emotion are the essence of the brands spirit.

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