Leading in the world of vision for 140 years

Rodenstock is one of Germany’s leading manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses and frames. The company was founded in 1877 by Josef Rodenstock. We have a worldwide workforce of approximately 4,500 and are represented in more than 85 countries with sales subsidiaries and distribution partners. The head office is in Munich, and we have production sites for lenses at a total of 15 other locations in 13 countries.

Competence for lenses as well as frames makes Rodenstock into a unique brand in ophthalmic optics, because it can offer glasses wearers the complete “glasses” system from a single source.

At the heart of our activities is optimisation of the optical imaging properties, increasing the wearing comfort and providing a design that highlights the personality of the glasses wearer. In other words: improving vision and looks.
Our lenses
Anyone who guarantees the best vision for any requirement has to offer more than just high quality lenses. Therefore, our lenses are based on no less than three core competences:
• Optics: Lenses that let our customers exploit 100% of their vision potential
• Photochromism: 40 years of experience in the development of phototropic lenses and a unique portfolio of tinting self-tinting lenses.
• Finishes: High-end finishes for perfectly protected lenses
Our frames
To us the best looks are just as important as the best vision. Therefore the design fulfills more than just aesthetic requirements. It also makes the glasses functionally perfect. Our high standards for every frame are therefore derived not only from one but from three core competences:
• Design: Our correctional sunglasses provide classical and timeless shapes that support the personality of the wearer and let him look perfect in each life situation.
• Material: We use premium materials that promise durability, adaptability and timeless elegance. The highest standards and numerous tests guarantee the unique Rodenstock brand quality.
• Comfort: Our long experience as a glass manufacturer coupled with the numerous adaptation possibilities of our frames guarantee glasses that fit perfectly for each individual need.

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