Xelis Kids

Xelis Kids and Juniors-Children and niche Tweens collection- as well as sports models
Choosing us means benefiting from the best quality / price ratio.

Xelis Enfants et Juniors-CAT 2021-1

Katy Kids by J. Cate

Children and Tweens collection – niche between children and teenagers –
Attractive colors combining fluid design and robustness.
The size of the glasses ranges from 39mm to 49mm.
Our mission since our inception has been to provide affordable designer eyewear and accessories to the customer.

Market Street by J. Cate

Acetate Frames: Trendy, personalized style, a captivating choice of eye-catching colors.Stylish designer eyeglasses using hand cut zyl.

Uptown by J. Cate

Trendy fashionable eyewear using the best parts, materials, and high quality craftsmanship.

Henry Jullien

The Henry Jullien brand symbolizes exceptional materials and treatments since 1921 through the know-how of its master craftsmen. All Henry Jullien frames are hand assembled by our eyewear-making craftsmen in our factory at Lons Le Saunier in Jura-France.

The one and only manufacturer of Gold-Filled frames in the world, Henry Jullien is the only European company that uses this process which is exquisite as it is intricate.
Henry Jullien is certified Living Heritage Company (or EPV) for the excellence in French Craftsmanship Symbol of quality, a single Henry Jullien frame requires over 300 operations.

Unique Noble Components: Gold-Filled and Nanofit Steel
Features: unique materials and finishing
1_PDFsam_HJ GOLD Catalogue-May 2021

36_PDFsam_HJ NANO_Catalogue-May 2021

Genesis Art



Genesis Art, an eyewear range inspired by the art world and in particular, by pop art. Indeed, Genesis’ new range is inspired by the master of abstract expressionist movement, Jackson Pollock, who is world-famous thanks to the unmistakable style of his works.

CCS by CoCo Song

CCS by Coco Song is a fresh and versatile collection. While taking some of the elements that have been the success of Coco Song, the new CCS models find their own distinctive characteristics in the innovative chromatic experimentation.

 The natural elements that have always distinguished the Coco Song brand, such as silk, dried flowers and feathers, are no laminated into new crystalline and transparent acetates or pearl colours. The result is a line of much lighter looking frames that bring a fresh and bright style.

 Brightness and subtlety define the CCS by Coco Song designs, which are inspired by the natural world of flowers, playing with the vivid and intense tones of pink, red, orange, purple, green and blue. 



Serge Blanco


This collection of glasses offers a timeless allure: trendy branch, lightness of titanium
Inspired by the origins of rugby, the Serge Blanco collection is intended for young adolescents and gentlemen
The models rely on controlled elegance, available in a range of varied but discreet colors. A subtle balance between boldness and a relaxed, chic and distinguished style.

Jisco Eyewear

Jisco eyewear gets inspiration from enchanting Meditteranean landscapes: simple lines, soft curves and vibrant colours which exist only in the special light created by that part of the world.

Coco Song

A new season of life, precious sensation, deep breaths suspended in time, colors and shapes recalling the oriental fascinating mystery revisited by the Italian glamorous and fashion’s Design. Rich and precious details, exclusive materials representing the ORIGINALITY of Coco Song PHILOSOPHY and the UNIQUENESS of Coco Song People. Unusual materials and artisan quality have led us to the rediscovery of a cultural wealth that seemed to have been lost, but which has returned today in all its splendour of form, colour and suggestiveness. Silks, feathers and flowers are inserted into layers of frames in acetate by the hands of skilled artisans using techniques of the past that can surprise even now. The large, elegant and sophisticated shapes with “fifties” inspired retro look are embellished with semi-precious stones. Gems that recall the colors of the Orient, such as jade, turquoise, garnet stand out on these frames their precious cabochon cut.

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