Chris Craft

Chris-Craft is a truly American story. Born in 1874, it came of age at a time that defined the notion of American ingenuity. While Henry Ford was creating the first motorcars, his watercraft counterpart, Chris Smith, was developing the very first engine-propelled boats and skiffs. Today, Chris-Craft maintains its status of number 1 American luxury boat.
Throughout its rich history, a reputation for quality and style have made it the favorite of presidents, celebrities and icons of American affluence – names like Roosevelt, Kennedy, Vanderbilt, Morgan, Ford, Sinatra, and Hepburn.
The Eyewear Collection from Chris-Craft is the finishing touch to the look of whose elegance is refined, contemporary, never flaunted. The mood of the collection mirrors the very same concepts of luxury and style embodied in the main collection: Authenticity, Excellence in quality, Exclusivity, Desirability and Attention to detail.
Timeless beauty – Distinctive style
Revered past designs – Technology
Performance – Modern designs
Materials of high quality
Active, Urban, Mobile, Influencer, Passionate, Sport and Family values
Mostly men-oriented collection
All given names of the models are named after Chris-Craft’s iconic boats.
Attention to details: laminated colors, integrated metal end tips, Chris-Craft stainless steel plate, metal engraving, chrome galvanic bi-coloration, single-block hinge
Made in France

M & G

Women Colour Design

Launched in 2002, this creative brand has become a must. Exclusively feminine, each M & G model is crafted and developed in our design lab. The colours and designs are inspired by the latest trends in fashion. The metal takes on the unexpected: hammered, 3D effects or fine lace.

Ines de la Fressange

Ines de la Fressange, born of a large French family, grew up in the south of France before finishing her studies in Paris and making her debut in fashion. She began her international modeling career in 1975, immediately filming on the podium for the greatest creators. In 2003, Inès decided to revive her brand, where she worked as artistic director and was personally involved in the whole strategy.

The style of Ines de la Fressange Paris is timeless and never conventional, it is that of a certain luxury where one enjoys the codes, reinterprets them, while remaining elegant and always joyful. Joyous Luxury is a very modern vision of luxury. Its universe is chic, creative and rewarding but willingly open and accessible, warm and with a touch of humor.

Emmanuelle Khanh Paris

Emmanuelle Khanh launches a collection of glasses in 1972. In order to get the best, she starts working with the traditional workshops of Oyonnax (Jura, France) and imagines a line of oversized frames, which immediately becomes iconic. With Emmanuelle Khanh, glasses become fully a fashion accessory, the signature of an audacious style, bold and elegant at the same time.

EMMANUELLE KHANH PARIS promotes the French know-how by renewing, year after year, its collaboration with the traditional workshops of Jura, specialized in handmade acetate frames from one generation to the next. By encouraging this unique craftsmanship, the House chooses an aware, sustainable, and environment-friendly manufacture.

EMMANUELLE KHANH PARIS carefully selects its raw materials from suppliers who are recognized for their know-how and the quality of their products.

Nathalie Blanc

Beyond the brand and trends hides a woman of taste and talent, insatiable, demanding and inspired.

However, Nathalie Blanc has before all, the sense of the beautiful frame, delicate and refined which combines the perfect harmony between the eye, the style and the material.

As a teenager, the idea of shaking the uptight world of optical industry became an obsession. Don’t ever hide behind the glasses of others. To the point that she swore to create her own universe, to reinvent a style where the frames will be a change of everyday life, to be an object of passion, a partner of femininity, the ultra-chic fashion accessory, irreplaceable friend, alter ego.

Her avant-garde collection corresponds to an ideal of eyeglasses : exclusives models, subtle and colorful, that ‘enhance’ the look through a classic vintage or highly contemporary style.


The Nathalie Blanc Paris eyewear are from the incredible French know-how: all made in France in Oyonnax and in Normandy. With noble materials such as cellulose acetate
for our plastic models and nickel silver for our metal frames.
The quality is also found in the Carl Zeiss glasses equipped with anti-reflection, which allow a high protection of the retina.


Leading in the world of vision for 140 years

Rodenstock is one of Germany’s leading manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses and frames. The company was founded in 1877 by Josef Rodenstock. We have a worldwide workforce of approximately 4,500 and are represented in more than 85 countries with sales subsidiaries and distribution partners. The head office is in Munich, and we have production sites for lenses at a total of 15 other locations in 13 countries.

Competence for lenses as well as frames makes Rodenstock into a unique brand in ophthalmic optics, because it can offer glasses wearers the complete “glasses” system from a single source.

At the heart of our activities is optimisation of the optical imaging properties, increasing the wearing comfort and providing a design that highlights the personality of the glasses wearer. In other words: improving vision and looks.
Our lenses
Anyone who guarantees the best vision for any requirement has to offer more than just high quality lenses. Therefore, our lenses are based on no less than three core competences:
• Optics: Lenses that let our customers exploit 100% of their vision potential
• Photochromism: 40 years of experience in the development of phototropic lenses and a unique portfolio of tinting self-tinting lenses.
• Finishes: High-end finishes for perfectly protected lenses
Our frames
To us the best looks are just as important as the best vision. Therefore the design fulfills more than just aesthetic requirements. It also makes the glasses functionally perfect. Our high standards for every frame are therefore derived not only from one but from three core competences:
• Design: Our correctional sunglasses provide classical and timeless shapes that support the personality of the wearer and let him look perfect in each life situation.
• Material: We use premium materials that promise durability, adaptability and timeless elegance. The highest standards and numerous tests guarantee the unique Rodenstock brand quality.
• Comfort: Our long experience as a glass manufacturer coupled with the numerous adaptation possibilities of our frames guarantee glasses that fit perfectly for each individual need.



TEHIA The Greek goddess of light and vision

The creation : the essence of the evolution, the only real engine which give the strength to go ahead, to make things happen without any provocation or unnecessary artifice.

“Be different, go off to the beaten track !”, that’s we told to our designers when we ask them to create this new house brand.

In the end: a collection full of colored “créateur” original frames, using laminated exclusive materials.
Just had to find an appropriate name ! What’s better than a Greek goddess of light and vision, a planet that gave birth to the earth to typify in only one word all the creativity of this collection ?

TEHIA: Natural born designer

MAG (Mise au Green)

The Brand

Mise au Green is inspired by the elements of nature to products valued by simplicity

A collection of Green Optical and Sunglasses designed in both genuine horn and acetate, these glasses play with the effects of materials through dynamic and pleasant models.

Mise au green is the will to defend values with authenticity.

A concept that is respected.

Lulu Castagnette Enfant

A collection with “a little cuddly thing”

Lulu Castagnette – Kids For budding “fashionistas”!
Lulu glasses proudly display the brand’s bear emblem, definitely a “fancy chic” collection! Plenty of styles to choose from, all ages can wear the Lulu mascot. There is a cute bear for the younger; more grown-up graphic styles for the older girls. Major features of this collection are the original colour combinations and creative temple designs.

Take a teddy bear, “a little cuddly thing”, and make it your emblem. Then, find a couple that’s willing to launch the brand – Carole and Charles Lahmi – neighbors (for a time) of singer Serge Gainsbourg, and the name of the brand comes easy, Lulu, after Serge’s son. Add “Castagnette” after a dream trip to Spain and all that’s left to do is advertise. Soon young ladies will adore this ready-to-wear brand that can’t be ignored! Adults who are still young at heart – “adulescents” – also adore Lulu.

Every season, Lulu Castagnette’s stylists skillfully mix colours and materials to offer their faithful followers products that are at the cutting edge of fashion. An assertive personality characterizes Lulu’s style while tenderness and emotion are the essence of the brands spirit.

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