Coco Song

A new season of life, precious sensation, deep breaths suspended in time, colors and shapes recalling the oriental fascinating mystery revisited by the Italian glamorous and fashion’s Design. Rich and precious details, exclusive materials representing the ORIGINALITY of Coco Song PHILOSOPHY and the UNIQUENESS of Coco Song People. Unusual materials and artisan quality have led us to the rediscovery of a cultural wealth that seemed to have been lost, but which has returned today in all its splendour of form, colour and suggestiveness. Silks, feathers and flowers are inserted into layers of frames in acetate by the hands of skilled artisans using techniques of the past that can surprise even now. The large, elegant and sophisticated shapes with “fifties” inspired retro look are embellished with semi-precious stones. Gems that recall the colors of the Orient, such as jade, turquoise, garnet stand out on these frames their precious cabochon cut.


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